December 21, 2020

It's possible to run Spark AR Studios with Windows N?

It's possible to run Spark AR Studios with Windows N?

The world is changing, soon AI will be replacing many jobs, and it will also create new opportunities. Many technologies need new generations to learn about AR, VR, Blockchain, AI, and IoT.  There will be jobs requiring more soft skills and creativity. Programs, in combination with art, will create a demand.

Spark AR Studio is for Mac and Windows, an augmented reality platform allowing you to create AR effects in mobile cameras.  The AR technology has spread to industries and has accelerated to the extent that it is available from Google Maps to Pokémon Go. Social media is riding the wave of AR. It is a big success making Instagram stories popular. The effects are high quality and engaging that it performs on various devices.

What do you need?

iOS and Android the two possible choices.

In the app of Spark AR Player, you need:

  • Download and install on iOS or Android device the Spark AR Player.
  • Install on your computer iTunes, if you are using a machine with Windows and are planning to test on an iOS device the effect.
  • A USB cable to connect the device.

Spark AR Studios is an exciting opportunity for influencers, brands, artists, and everyday people to make reality using AR with their imagination and to get creative. AR on Instagram is a perfect marketing tool with enormous potential. Businesses can gain by learning the filters to use on Instagram and share or build their AR experiences.

What is Windows N?

Windows N editions are only for customers living in the European economic area, Switzerland, and Croatia. The Windows editions allow choosing your software and media player required to play DVDs, CDs, and other digital media files.

The Windows 10 have N editions, including the functionality except for media-related technologies. The N editions do not have Skype, Windows Media Player, and a few media apps preinstalled, such as voice recorder, video, or music.

New features such as Windows Hello, Cortana, and PDF viewing, rely on Windows Media files in the new Edge browser but are not an inclusion in the N editions. At the same time, some software and websites, such as Microsoft Office or Windows Store apps, use files that are Windows Media-related and are not in N editions as inclusion.

BottomLine is that the N editions users can make software and website work by installing the N editions Windows Media-related files.   It means you cannot run Spark AR Studios without the media feature pack on Windows N.