December 17, 2020

Instagram and augmented-reality

Instagram and augmented-reality

Instagram is a filtered, fun experience and presents a remix of the real world, including art and technology. All this is possible due to Spark AR. Augmented Reality seems to be the future, and the Spark AR Studio of Facebook allows people to create effects using AR filters for Instagram stories. The Spark AR effects have no limitation. Now, brands and artists can create viral moments on Instagram.

AR effects on Instagram

AR effects are a powerful tool suitable for businesses, but they require adequate planning. Following some of the best practices helps to have AR effects on Instagram.

Over the years instagram keep investing in AR, the user created awesome stuff for instagram effects!

Serves actual need

AR Effects serves varying needs. One can learn about a product or make people laugh. Instagram allows people to share their creativity and aesthetics. It is a visual medium, so elevate videos with lights, colors, photos, or visual designs. It allows people to capture the feel and amplify perspectives and emotions. People who do not know to share or say something at the right moment can use the effects and develop an interesting story.

Look for a new way

On Instagram, the successful effects are re-usable and can be used over and again.  If you wish to take it a new way, use the AR effect to make your content the focus of attention. Trying each time something new to use your effect will make it look attractive.

Minimal branding

Branded effects resonate with the community feel of Instagram. The branded effects ensure a connected feel with the audience. Thus, picking the brand elements in your AR effects is beneficial. You may include branded colors, logo, visual design, or products.

Keep it simple and fun

Decide if you want a filter or not. Make the effects work by using the camera. Consider creating AR effects on the screen. There is a need to think of ideas beyond the box to make it novel and fun, besides being shareable. Instagram with the app is to make the platform more interesting that brands are ready to add AR effects to highlight their product pages.

With Spark AR Studio, you can build awareness, connect with customers, and go viral on Instagram. You create for your brand AR filter or incorporate AR cool effects in your posts or stories. It is a sure-shot way to grow your account. The filtered future will take you to a new world, grab the trend, and jump on board.