December 16, 2020

Facebook spark ar community Group

Facebook spark ar community Group

he Spark AR Forum is an open-source platform. It allows creators to help others in resolving their queries and also to ask questions about Spark AR. Spark AR is the largest AR mobile platform in the world. It has from 190 countries more than 400,000 creators.  There is a continuous growth of the ecosystem, and the number of AR creators is growing, seeking more visibility and recognition to promote their work-for-hire opportunities and careers. With this, the businesses are also eager to connect and identify skilled creator talents.

Spark AR at Facebook is now an evolving marketplace. It is sure to roll out Spark AR Gallery and creator portfolios, paving new novel ways for the AR creators to display their style of work.

Spark AR Community About page

Spark AR Gallery

Spark AR Gallery allows users to browse the portfolios of AR creators to get ideas and inspiration. It is a useful resource for businesses to find fresh talents. The Spark AR team shares and curates collections regularly of the creator portfolios. Users can find organized interests, specific topics, and other criteria showing the AR creator’s range and depth in the Cmmunity Group.


Well-developed AR assets library featuring 3D objects, new audio files, and more assets to initiate your AR next project.

Build without or with code using visual programming. You may add animate objects, interactivity, and build logic into effects. You may use any material and texture in your scene.

An experienced professional or a fresher, Spark AR has all the capabilities and features to start. You can add sounds and objects of your own, browse the free assets library of Facebook, or also import models with Sketchfab, the partner.

Spark AR Hub assists in managing, publishing, and understanding your performance with the AR effect across Instagram and Facebook.

Create a face and effects. Use face tracking and produce realistic effects and accurate interactions. Take your self-expression to new heights. Go beyond the face filters and masks using AR experiences.

Overlay hand and body movements of your subjects and add touch gestures that allow interacting and manipulating for the users. Add virtual objects or transport your subjects altogether to new surroundings.

Separate people using background segmentation and take them to a different place. Recognize objects and place them into the real-world context of your content, thereby connect the places and objects with effects.

Achieve any important milestone in the Spark AR ecosystem maturation to build programs and features. Explore the Spark AR Gallery, use AR Library, and start building your effects.

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