December 11, 2020

Codemodeon Limited

Codemodeon Limited

AR (Augmented Reality) filters in social media marketing are the new trend. Social media platforms are seeing an immense rise in the number of users on Instagram. It is because it is the perfect place to market or brand products. Most Instagram users have one business profile, at least and, so to engage audiences, it has become a must to keep it novel and engaging.

What is Codemodeon?

AR filters are the leading brand marketing technology on Instagram. They raise the brand value. On Instagram, Codemodeon represents an award-winning creative technology, producing interactive experiences.

Codemodeon is an interactive and bespoke immersive solution using the breakthrough VR, AR technology and identifies the human-computer interaction. They aim to develop value in marketing for businesses, provide education and employee training, high production, and more fields.

Why use Codemodeon for brand marketing on the Instagram filter?

Codemodeon, the VR headset Instagram filter, works exponentially for branding. The reality perception expands with computer support and visual information. The AR glasses or the tablet/smartphone projects the artificial people or objects within the camera image as reality. For instance, Google Maps, the mobile app, integrates the navigation information into the real environment directly. You can see in your living room the furniture virtually using the Ikea app. In this way, marketing is becoming exponential.

The business on Instagram has increased in numbers, and the current situation has given an impetus to make use of AR and VR. They can brand their products effectively. The AR and VR effects are available automatically, and it helps in the brand value growth. Customers can use the brand filters, and the Instagram AR filters highlight awareness of the product or the company by connecting to a larger audience.


The Instagram filter, Codemodeon, the VR headset is improving the audience engagement, and it is the latest trend. It engages better, and by releasing AR filters, your audiences and followers can get a clear view of the product or Instagram story. It enables increasing the reach, and audiences are ready to become brand ambassadors.

The AR filters of Instagram is booming and adapting to changes that companies can stay ahead. They can be innovative using this technology and have a competitive edge. They can create content, and users can try it from the comfort of their homes. The AR filter displays the story screen and reinforces brand marketing.

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